About Our Company

About Our Company

GPE was founded in 2008 in Houston Texas. With over 26 years in the industry our company philosophy is to bring the best solution to the best price for the best result to the end user. Based on a mutual trust GPE was able …

About Us

Our Services

Since GPE was founded , we have extended our activities from selling Petroleum equipment to new technologies Testing and inspection equipment such as Laser calibration Calibex3D, IOT sensors for Inventory and monitoring tanks .

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Our Partners

Since Trust and reputation are essential in our business, we must collaborate with reliable manufactures who bring innovation to our industry and dedicate a budget in R&D to meet and exceed the future regulations.

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What We Do

Service station Petroleum Equipment

We offer a full range of single and double wall pipe * Entry Boots* Tank gauging* Automation * Smartelbow for quality fuel delivery

Underground 3D Laser Fuel Tank calibration Equipment

Atex certified Calibex 3D Laser from Asis , allows to calibrate and to generate calibration table for fuel UST

Underground/above ground Fuel camera Tank inspection

Versatile ATEX ZONE 0 Fuel Tank Inspection Camera with articulate arm designed for Service station tank inspection with recording video capabilities.

Metering for Terminal

A complete range of PD meters for fuel transfer ( Airport, Marina, Terminal) with a precision better than 0.15% and a flow rate up to 1900lt/mn

Fleet Management

With over 30 years in the market Gespasa’s Private Fleet management system is compatible with Diesel and Adblue . Full range of cotroller,dispenser, nozzles, filter.

Environmental Equipment

Vapor recovery unit to comply with local environmental regulation for service stations and terminals.

Looking for a special equipment or Test equipment?

We are ready to tackle any request.Just send us your requirements


JM del Amo


25 years in Industry,

founded GPE in 2008